How much does a Ukeaoke File Cost?

Ukeaoke Files are for *educational purposes only and are supplied for learning or project feedback purposes.

What files will be available?

Just about any popular song will be available; please contact us.

What format is the file in?

Standard .MP4 file which can be played on ANY PORTABLE DEVICE or CELL PHONE.

Can I get a custom file made?

Yes, please contact us. You will need background music in MP3 format, and the lyrics with chords embedded in a text file.

Can I get a File in a different Key?

Yes, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

When will files be available?

We are going to do a crowdsourcing for funds to cover creation of around 1000 popular songs. You are welcome to CONTACT US if you would like to be alerted when we are raising funds.

How much will files sell for?

We have a target price of $.99 US, a typical price for music files available online.

*Files will soon be for sale with Licensing provided through Tency Music.